Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I haven't gotten around to my blog in a long time - work has been really busy and that involves running all around the city plus a lot of time at the computer.

Now I have a better chance of getting things done while I'm on the road. For my birthday, Norris got me a sweet little laptop that weighs less than 3 lbs and is about the size of a file folder. I seem to be able to pick up wireless almost anywhere. (except from the network in OUR house. I hope we figure it out soon or I'll go crazy!)

I thought it might be fun to put up pictures of the houses I've been touring, or my clients have been buying or selling, so you can see where I've been!

Lovely home next to the Japanese Gardens and listed on the Historic Register. They just don't build houses like this anymore! Simply glorious!

Another beautiful colonial on a sweet little cul de sac. Currently available, folks! Snap it up! You can be my neighbor!

Lucky newlyweds coming home to this adorable house. The interior is seriously Pottery Barn Catalog material. Absolutely wonderful!Congratulations, L & J!

This one sold in just a few days. Look at the clematis! Just after it sold, the entire vine was covered in blossoms!

This is a first home for one of the sweetest clients ever! Set in a nice, wooded setting & the downstairs neighbor is growing tomatoes and I know she'll share!

This is the house that Dave took from a tired old rental into a cool craftsman. We're currently looking for his next project.

Wouldn't you like to sip a cold one in this courtyard? I get to! They're friends! I want my own courtyard!

Look how cute L's condo is! I totally covet that red ottoman! How cute is that going to look in the Pottery Barn House up above?

So this is the end of today's tour. I didn't even have time to get to some of the houses that we looked at but nobody bought. There's a great selection of million dollar houses in Portland and I've seen the best of them lately... I'll try to do more soon!

But it's my birthday and I want to go to the MAC, do a little shopping, and I have a date with the sun and a chaise at the pool.