Monday, September 21, 2009

Shoes too tight?

I haven't tried this yet - I just found it - but I'm going to be ecstatic if it works!!! If you've tried it, please let me know via the comments.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun in Philly, NYC & even Eugene!

(Pardon the formatting. This long post was difficult and Blogger isn't cooperating)

The stage was set. The stone terrace was lit by a chandelier hung from an overhead branch, the band was under cover, as the weather was dark and looked like rain. The girlfriends arrived with amazing food and drinks were starting to flow. What a fabulous party to celebrate three fabulous friends. Terri, Chris and Mary threw an amazing bash and I was fortunate enough to be able to fly to Philadelphia to attend.

Clare and Dennis

Chris, Mimi, Gere, Sid, Dennis and Clare

Chris, one of the birthday girls, and one of the traveling Philly girls who I've gone away with every fall for 16 years.

The birthday girl, Terri, and Jack

Clare, Cary and Mary

Tim and Ray

Jillian, Terri and Jason

Gere, Don and Lorena

Friends for over 20 years. Here is our original group, who still meet every other month for fun and frolic. Anne, Gere, Kathy, Maria, Amy, Chris, Clare, Mary, Karen, Terri, Sid, Mimi and Lorena. You're the best, and still as beautiful as ever!

We went outside for some serious dancing, and the rain started to fall. Whatever... it worked for Woodstock, it would work for us.

We whooped it up when the birthday girls performed with the band.

Donna and Jack

Chrissy,the best dancer I know!

Mimi & Clem

Cortney, and Pat

Sid and Mark

Ter & Jack. Wet and wild!

The birthday girl and her fans.

The next day...

Wawa for coffee. (couldn't miss a photo-op with Tastykakes)

A little shopping and lounging - and another photo-op at the Brandywine picnic park, home of the little perkins childrens' birthday extravaganza.

Look how beautiful the terrace was the day after!

Ter's gorgeous living room

Pizza at Elizabeth's
Terri and Clare

And our drive into the city...

Lunch with offspring! Dana on left.

A D-List sighting....

Man, she's short, and her hair is huge!

Offspring #2 - Erica joins us for lunch and a visit. (I spent most of the time on the phone with Real Estate - it was at this cafe that we finally struck a deal for A & R~)

Mary notices something intriguing at Times Square

The Schoenfeld, where we saw A Steady Rain, with Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman.

Afterwards, we decided to watch them come out. Can you see Hugh in the center?

That's a little better. A madhouse. We also saw James Gandolfino and Daniel Craig before saying goodbye. I hopped in a taxi and went to Betsy's condo and the Philly girls went home.

Betsy's place in NYC is adorable!

Here's Laura, my BFF (since 1964)

French pastry and the biggest cappucino I've ever seen...

Lunch at Fannelli Cafe - the best burger ever!

Lots of yarn shopping. Not just yarn. Lots and lots of shopping for everything under the sun. We Sparta girls know how to shop!

Out for breakfast in Chelsea. Simply a wonderful weekend with my oldest and dearest friends, from the midwest and the east coast...

But it felt good to come home too. Norris and I headed out to the Ducks game early the next morning, and they pulled off a win, in the rain, and surrounded by 57,000 of their fans.

What a perfect end to my summer... and now it's back to school for Cam, who's arriving home today from Wisconsin. Whit is still at home, but loving his new position and all the co-workers in Portland, and we are on track for a great fall. I even bought a couple of Christmas presents.