Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Airport Dash

It seems all I do lately is drive to the airport.

Last Friday: Pick up Claire

Last Saturday: Drop off Cam & Betsy

Last Monday: Drop off Claire

Last Tuesday: Drop off Whit & Noel

Friday: Drop off Norris

Saturday: Pick up Cam & Betsy

Sunday: Pick up Norris

and Tuesday: Pick up Whit & Noel

No trips for me! But I did take a little side trip to IKEA on one of my airport runs and filled the car with new red chairs and fabric. And Swedish crackers and muesli. Next time it would be cheaper for me to take a trip.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm working on....

I seem to be in the middle of a lot of things at the moment...

Maybe it will help me to finish them up if I list them - or at least I can clear my head...

1. Figuring out the menu for Easter Brunch

2. Organizing a Wedding Shower that will be held here on Saturday (food, decorations, games, prizes, gifts)

3. Reading a 900+ page novel (World Without End by Ken Follett)

4. Doing (*starting*) my taxes

5. Taking care of some of my co-worker's clients while he's away - he comes home today, I think, so this one is almost complete, though there are still calls to be made

6. CMA's on several properties

7. Day 6 of a 10 day exercise plan. I love this limited exersie blip so I feel like it's not an endless battle, yet I hope it will get me in the mood to continue

8. Worrying about Norris' dad, who, at 95, is in hospice, but who seems to defy all odds and come back around after both a broken hip and pneumonia in the last month. (Of course this is totally #1 in importance)

9. Figuring out when the kids are home and when they head off on their holidays, and if and when they will all be here at one time

10. Planning for our trip and reading up on Dubai and Cairo and making sure I don't miss anything important or pack anything stupid

11. Preparing for book club here in about 2 weeks - food and good discussion points

12. New siding is going on the house - we are on about day 4 of a war zone. Nice setting for the shower and Easter brunch. Added bonus: Our foreman is in Seattle today becoming an American citizen, so I need to think of something cool to give him when he comes back tomorrow

13. New windows, new deck also being installed in the next new weeks. Deal with delivery, scheduling, keep workers out of each others' hair

14. Deciding on a new exterior paint color for when the siding is finished. This one is the (second) most troubling because I just can't screw it up.
I have enlisted the fabulous Kishra to help me - she has the best eye and knows all the coolest houses to go look at

15. Finding something for the boys' easter baskets

16. Ordering up tickets for a few trips - brothers to Portland this summer, a wedding in PA, a girls trip to the Carolinas, a family trip to Hawaii...

17. Ordering up that dreaded colonoscopy & my annual check-up

18. Last, and certainly not least, finding the right house for A&K, A&J, A&A, C&C, and getting one sold for S, T&S, and S&F...

At least my hairdresser is back. Doing this all with less-than perfect hair was a nightmare, LOL.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another fun night with the girls!

**there actually are men at these parties...they just tend to shy away from the photo ops**

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Love my Girls...